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Created: Nov 12, 2015.

Babiators Review: The Best Baby Sunglasses

We think Babiators are so far the best baby sunglasses on market. They are available in two sizes: Junior for babies and Classic for kids. They have also fantastic Lost & Found Guarantee. Babiators have several features that make them rise above other manufacturer’s baby sunglasses.

Read our helpful review to find out what makes Babiators stand out from other toddler sunglasses. Learn the unique qualities that entice even celebrities to buy these great kids shades for their babies, although these baby sunglasses are almost cheap as porridge.

Babiators Junior – Sunglasses for Babies and Toddlers

Babiators Junior (product info) is a classic baby aviator style for tots from 6 months to 3 years of age. Fit will vary by child depending on head size. If you are uncertain about the size, we recommend purchasing up a size. It’s always better to have a bit large size than too small, just to avoid tiring return & replace process.

The biggest problem with most baby sunglasses is that they get destroyed in a way or another during kids action-packed play activities. Many children don’t like to wear sunglasses because their parents tell not to break them. This is where Babiators most important quality comes in practice. They are made to last.

Babiators sunglasses are incredibly durable! Frames are made from flexible non-toxic rubber that won’t break even if you bend or twist them. Impact and shatter resistant polycarbonate lenses offer 100% protection from UVA & UVB rays.

Babiators Junior Black Ops BlackBabiators Junior Black Ops BlackIf Babiators are lost or broken within 1 year of purchase, manufacturer will send you new ones. Yes! While the other manufacturers just content to boast about their baby sunglasses durability, Babiators bring their marketing speech into next level by replacing your lost or broken baby aviators. What can be a better assure of quality?

Babiators comes with 10 awesome colors: Beach Baby Blue – Black Ops Black – Blue Angels Blue – Galactic Gray – Hello Yellow! – Marine Green – OMG! Orange – Popstar Pink – Princess Pink – Wicked White.

Babiators Classic – Sunglasses for Kids

Babiators Classic fits kids ages three to seven plus years. They come also with lots of different colors and can be purchased with polarized lenses as Babiators Junior size.

Babiators Classic GreenBabiators Classic GreenChildren become more adventurous when they get older. These kid sunglasses are virtually indestructible as they are made from flexible and durable rubber (BPA free). Most kid sunglasses are crafted from plastic so they tend to brake easily and you may find yourself buying new pares every summer. That won’t happen with Babiators.

Babiators Classic offer real protection to keep children eyes safe and vision strong. Like all other Babiators models, they give 100% UVA & UVB ptotection.

5 Incentives to Buy Babiators for Your Children

  1. Unique one year guarantee against loss and breakage. Make sure to register your Babiators within 30 days of purchase to be eligible for the replacement.
  2. Incredibly durable and flexible. These baby aviators can take it all: rough handling, drop to concrete, twisting, bending…
  3. They are safe! Babiators comply with all applicable CPSIA and FDA standards for safety. You don’t need to worry if these baby sunglasses end up in little mouths.
  4. Babiators are most stylish and fun aviator sunglasses for babies! Many cool celebrity kids wear Babiators - offspring of Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Garner, Sarah Michelle Gellar… just to name a few.
  5. Last but actually most important factor is that every pair of Babiators shades for kids provides 100% protection against UVA +UVB rays. According to Vision Council children generally receive 3 times the annual sun exposure as adults. Add to that the fact child’s ocular lens cannot effectively filter out UV rays, it means your kid needs about five times more protection from sun’s harmful rays than you.

NOTICE: If you spend time near water or other places where your kid might be exposed to uncomfortable reflections of light – make sure to purchase these Polarized Babiators.

Check out our polarized lenses article so that you know whether to buy non-polarized or polarized baby sunglasses.