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Created: Mar 20, 2015.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses Repair: 5 Ways to Do It

Did you just sat on your sunglasses and they need a repair? Did your Ray-Bans temple broke or perhaps lens got a wide scratch?

Repairing Ray-Ban sunglasses by yourself is most of the time the best solution for your broken shades and for your wallet. Read five simple ways to fix your Ray-Bans depending on the issue you’re facing. Last chapter cover extra Ray-Ban repair guide for lens replacement, if needed.

1 – Warranty Claim

Ray-Ban with many other manufacturers offers 2 year guarantee – but only if the breakage occurred due flaws in material or poor quality of work. So keep in mind that if they find out the reason for damage is due to normal wear, like scratches most usually are, you very likely will be charged extra for parts/work and shipment. Also, you should always contact the retailer first to get proposal for best solution for your problem. 

This is obviously the easiest way to get your broken sunglasses repaired, though only if warranty is still valid and the reason for breakage is a manufacturing defect.

Do not get confused about what kind of warranty the seller offers. For example many legitimate retailer gives only one year warranty for Ray-Ban sunglasses but Ray-Ban as a manufacturer gives 2 year warranty.

So to speak if your Aviator or Wayfarer frames happen to broke due to defects in material after year and a month you may send them for repair to manufacturer as long as they are original Ray-Bans from legit retailer and you have dated receipt. Make sure you don’t own pair of replica Ray-Bans.

In best case you might get a whole new replacement pair of sunglasses. However, most commonly they will just replace broken lens, arm, frames or bridge.

2 – Ray-Ban Repair Service

Luxottica Ray-Ban provide lens replacement and other similar services in their repair center in US. If you’re located outside of USA try check your local Ray-Ban sites for further info - especially if you’re in Australia, Canada or UK.

There are also number of other companies who provide repair service for sunglasses yet they many times lack of guarantee for your product if it happens to get damaged during the repair work. Anyway, third party operators may do it much faster and with good luck a bit cheaper.

3 – Buy Ray-Ban Replacement Parts & Repair Yourself

Yes it’s doable! And actually pretty easy in some cases. Doing the repair work you save lot of time by avoiding to send your glasses with description and receipt to manufacturer and waiting your Ray-Bans returned to you. They might have long queue at times in repair center. You also save the cost of repair work and postage.

Let say you broke the left temple of your sunglasses. If they are attached to frames with small screws, fixing your Ray-Bans will be moderately simple.

Just go and find the cheapest Ray-Ban spare part seller. You will also need this sunglasses repair kit which include precision screwdriver to be able to manage with tiny screws. It also include assortment of small screws and rubber nose pads. It can be used to repair most sunglasses and eyeglasses. And most important: it cost almost nothing! It's a basic repair kit that everyone who wear any kind of glasses enjoys to have, just in case.

Attaching new replacement temples to frames or fixing your Ray-Ban's nose pads are fairly easy to accomplish, but for replacing lenses you may need professional assistance. Please check our repair guide for lens change in last chapter to see if you're up for it.

In general, it’s on your own judgment whether you can carry out the work yourself. If you doubt your skills or the task is simply too complex – check out next section!

4 – Buy Replacement Parts & Repair Service from Separate Providers

If you can’t do the repair but you still want to save some money, it’s advisable to find cheapest Ray-Ban replacement parts in sale as also cheapest repair service. You can find all possible replacement parts; screws, arms, lenses, nose pads... with affordable prices.

Why all this trouble? Because many times especially third party providers includes “air” in the price. They advertise replacement parts on sale but their repair service may be way over the average price or vice verse. So, for low budget person this is the second best option after what introduced in section 3 above - considering warranty period has expired or breakage was self-inflicted.

5 – Buy New Sunglasses

Well…this haven't really anything to do with repairing sunglasses but in today’s world work is intensely expensive. In many cases repairing is just not worth it. If the difference between buying new pair of Ray-Bans and repair old pair is just a few dozen dollars - everyone should consider seriously the "buy new" alternative. You don’t only get whole brand new sunglasses, you have as well the opportunity to “upgrade” to the latest new model.

If you can afford it – do it! You can always sell your broken sunglasses to someone who wants to repair them to save those few dozen bucks or perhaps consider to donate them for someone.

Price of new pairs deducted by amount you get from selling your broken sunglasses can easily correspond to the price you would pay for the replacement part and repair service combined. On top of it you will get a whole new goggles if you choose to buy new Ray-Bans! Easy decision, we would say.

Ray-Ban Repair Guide: How to Replace Ray-Ban Sunglasses Lenses

We assume you have obtained new Ray-Ban replacement lenses already. If not, make sure you buy appropriate replacement lenses by checking codes from your sunglasses temples.

Next we will guide you through lens removing process (skip this part if broken/scratched lenses are already out). And last, we teach you to replace the new replacement lenses. Let's begin.

How to remove lenses from Ray-Ban shades:

  1. Hold your Ray-Ban sunglasses frames with the lenses facing towards you and arms pointing away from you
  2. Wrap your fingers gently around the frames and place your thumbs at either end of one lens.
  3. Press gently but firmly with your thumbs while keeping a light tension on your fingers around the nose piece and corner of the lens frame so it wont snap until the lens pops backwards out of the frame.
  4. Repeat the process with other lens.

How to replace lenses on Ray-Ban sunglasses:

  1. Turn the sunglasses around so that temples are pointing towards you.
  2. Place the new replacement lens inside of the frame and put your fingers around the frame while keeping thumbs in your side. Same position like in removing except on other side.
  3. Press gently and evenly until lens pops into place and keep little pressure around the edges of the new replacement part lens just to make sure it's attached all the way around.
  4. Repeat with other lens and your done. Congrats!


  • Keep the lens area of the sunglasses frames under a hot tap water for about half a minute to make it easier for removal.
  • Do not use excessive force while handling sunglasses frames to prevent breakage.